Safe House London x Conscious Studio Face Masks

Conscious Studio and Safe House London Face Masks
Safe House London mission is to educate, entertain and elevate the hearts and mind-sets of young people and those that are underprivileged who deal with a series of educational failure, family destruction, financial deficiency, mental-health illnesses, unemployment and violence in London in a safe and inspirational environment. 
We are exited to announce our first Conscious Studio X Safe House London collaboration, ahead of their 3rd Christmas Present Drive; taking place Saturday 12th December, 2020. 
Both companies share aligned values; such as people collaboration in achieving a common goal by sharing ideas and skills that help everyone grow as individuals and professionals; with a fruitful blend of cultures. We believe routing in positive impact opens doors to support other people and communities, which sparked idea for our first partnership. 
We will be offering guests free, limited Safe House x Conscious Studio face masks, made from eco friendly PU sponge and PU vinyl print. 100% recyclable. 
Conscious Studio will be continuing sharing same values with Safe House London and will be making more positive impact together in the future. 
photo by Charlie Edwards (@charlie_now)
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