Conscious Studio Collaborations

We are collaborating with menswear brand HiMSELF designing brands timeless underwear. First collection is created in Tencel Lyocell - fabric fully reverting back to nature and integrated in nature's cycle. Underwear collection is being prepared for ethical production and managed by Conscious Studio team with our Portuguese production partners holding sustainability certificates.
We are collaborating with emerging "slow fashion" thinking womenswear designer. Sharing same values and promoting conscious consumerism we are developing brands first collection with designers magnificent ideas, introducing hight end quality standards and ethical local business production. 
Three What We Wear Collections for London Fashion Week Mens as well as What We Wear x Daily Paper Capsule Collection and "7 Days Till Lagos" Capsule collection were developed by Conscious Studio founder Vytoldas Miliauskas. Also different types of productions has been monitored in the UK, Portugal and China.